Ehtesham using laptop

About Me

Hi, I am Ehtesham, a 24 year old Full-Stack Engineer based in Mumbai. I have been writing software applications since the beginning of my journey, and I enjoy making the best possible experience for end-users. My interest lies in backend, scaling, caching, resiliency, and all things backend though I build complete full-stack apps.

For half of my career, I have been providing support for legacy codebases. I moved them to a newer stack while making sure bug fixes & new features were shipped to the end-users making a win-win situation for the business, end-users, and the developers.

I love teaching ❤️

Other than writing code, I have been teaching and mentoring fellow students and colleagues one-on-one to help them get better at coding, keep themselves updated in tech, and how to keep upgrading their skills for the future. I teach by breaking down topics into smaller parts and visualizing them for easy understanding. I have also conducted workshops at various institutes for web development and have received good feedback for it.


I started my career by taking up freelance gigs, which I still do in my part-time as it helps me keep myself updated and keeps me in practice to write code. Freelancing has helped me a lot in advancing my thought & work process for developing software applications.

My Interests and What I Do

My interests lies in profiling and scaling backend systems. I also have interest in IoT based systems. I have built a few projects in IoT domain too. When I am not coding, I am mostly reading/watching about backend stuff, new frameworks, new platforms and trying them out to see how they can help achieve better UX and DX for my next projects. I also read open source codebases to understand and get new patterns on how to implement something.

I have recently started blogging which you can read in the blog section. I will be writing about new things I explore, problems I face and solutions to it and everything else related to tech. You can follow me on X (formerly Twitter) for new updates.

Hire Me!

If you are looking for a developer with experience in building quality apps, or someone experienced to conduct training workshops, you are in the right place.

How can I help you?

  • By building your website, web & mobile app with keeping best practices and UX in mind.
  • Solve performance and scaling issues in your existing apps by investigating and implementing monitoring systems.
  • Consult your team on how to use modern tools and workflows to improve DX and quality of code.
  • Conduct a complete hands-on training seminar and workshop in a fun and engaing way.

Get in touch with me on X (formerly Twitter) or through the Contact section.